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Sticker Shop: Simply Me, Kish

Obsession: Aly Buns doodles

Sticker Shop Owner: Kish Brown

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If you are a true decorative planner it’s hard to exist in the planner space without ever coming across Simply Me, Kish stickers. Kish has some of the most vibrant stickers in the game. No doubt an inspiration from Lisa Frank, her planner roots.

I first came to know Kish in the planner groups. She was one of the first shops to ever offer diverse skin tones. Later she would pop up in just about every sale in the Plannerverse.

aly buns
Aly Buns

You’re such a big part of the planner community. What sales have you participated in?

“Am I really?! Thank you! Thats a huge compliment.  What sales have I not participated in?!!. The Planner Boss Collective sale, BWWPC Mega Sale, EPIC, and Ultimate Planner Sale.”


I have been shopping from Simply Me, Kish for a long time. About 4 years now. First on Etsy and now a self hosted shop.


Just recently you went through a big transformation. You have a self hosted shop off of Etsy. Was that difficult to adjust to? Did you lose customers?

“Yes, it’s difficult. Hell, it’s still difficult. I compare Etsy to a Mother Bird. Etsy brought my customers to me and Etsy helped me gain sells on my slowest days. Like all baby birds it was time for me to leave the nest. I did lose a lot of customers, but I do understand. A lot of people are comfortable with that platform. Starting a new website is basically starting over and I’m absolutely okay with that.”


No shop runs on hopes and dreams. Kish puts real work into her business and has been since Alexandra was 6 months old. Alexandra is Kish’s sweetie pie daughter that many of her customers and followers have come to adore and inquire about. We are so thankful for her. She is the inspiration behind Kish’s entire shop.


You have exclusive characters like Alex & Skye and Aly Buns. Aly Buns is becoming your signature character. We absolutely love her. What inspired you to create this doodle?

“Honestly? LOL I suck at drawing people, but I’m great at drawing animals. Odd I know. I wanted a signature character that was simple . Thats how Aly was created.”

I have personally been shopping with you for 4 years! That is insane! I have never been disappointed. Do you plan to ever retire?

“Retire what’s that? LOL I seriously love what I do! I love drawing on my tablet and sharing my art to the world. As long as I have my right hand to draw and my customers continue to purchase from me… I’m not going no where!”


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I am so thankful for the time Kish took to have a cyber seat with me for this interview.

Please follow her on Instagram and check out her shop for current offerings of stickers, digitals and merchandise.

aly buns
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“Playing with Paper”

-Tara K.


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