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men who plan

If you search the hashtag #plannerguy you might be surprised by over 4 thousand posts on Instagram by men who plan. Yes, there are men who plan. Let’s take a look at some plannerguys in the planner community to follow.
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Currently in his Filofax Malden, Steven has some of the best pictures on Instagram. Crisp visions of planner heaven. I love to see what textures he puts together and what decor he chooses. Expertly curated feed and a must follow plannerguy.


This happy doodler is currently working in a Hobonichi. He’s a psychology professor but his doodles are little more in depth than a Rorschach test. This is the guy to follow if you’d like to add a bit of whimsical musings to your feed. You’ll also enjoy the bits of Japanese written out in his planner as well.


men who plan



I have been following him for a while now. He has such a cute vibe to his IG feed. Follow this guy if you are looking for fluffy kawaii vibes. There is nothing more spectacular than seeing ‘The Planner Guy’ spelled out in iridescent letters.



Definitely the man with the plan. John is not just a planner and TN collector but he has an amazing career as a flutist. Men who plan are so talented. Stop by his shop Peke Dori Designs for top notch inserts with a clear sleek design.




Definitely one of my favorites and not because he just bought his wife a new Silhouette. Mr. Green II has a bright cheery Instagram feed including an adorable planner selfie. If you need some positivity this is the guy to follow. He is currently planning for “next year’s greatest adventure.”



Ladies and gentleman this is a dreamy feed. Beautifully curated and filled with all planner things. Harry Potter lovers this is your planner guy. He also has a discount code and over 3 thousand followers which means he’s a certified plannerguy.


Truly a gem in this bunch. Gabe is the only guy I see currently in a Happy Planner. He’s currently a Happy Planner squad member. His posts are full of joy. You might even find some Unicorns over there.


Another Unicorn dude with all the planner trimmings. Laminator, Bujo, and tigers. This recent grad features some really cool alternative planning. I love the mix of planning and modeling shots in between.

Thank you to all of my planner peeps for reading about men who plan.
If you know any more planner guys please post them below or email me at to be featured. I also have spots available for advertising.

“Playing with Paper”

-Tara K.

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