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Whether you are just getting started or are a lifelong planner you need to nail down your planner supplies staples. There are going to be basic things you need to keep you grounded. There will be things that will work well for you no matter what system you adopt and what aesthetic you choose to go with. This is an excellent month to decide on what your basics are and stock up on planner supplies. Summer sales and ‘Back to School’ sales make this the best time of the year. In addition to that, there is the One Book July challenge.

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planner supplies staples

One Book July is a really awesome yearly challenge. Now in its fifth year of existence; started by Carie Harling, Rhomany and Miss Vickybee. I did this challenge last year and it really helped me organize my thoughts and what I need to be productive with my planning. If you are not familiar with what it is you can learn more about it from this video:

So the task at hand is getting back to basics. Gnawing on the bones if you will. When I did the challenge I found out that I need to use three planners. I have a family planner, a planner for business and a personal one for fun things like lists and anything that does not really tie into the other two. I also discovered that I need a spiral bound planner(for my family planner) so that I could fill it in and store it like an almanac. I track weather, health, family events, holidays and special situations for my family. At the end of the year I need to neatly tuck it away as a reference. I tried an A5 ring planner at one point and I just ended up with inserts all over the place. The temptation to switch them out is just too attractive. What ends up happening is you don’t have any reference for the future. For me it just ended up a mess. Not being able to look ahead or back because the rings would not hold it all was also a deal breaker for me.

I learned that as long as I had my top 5 planner supplies staples, I would be successful planning anywhere. So I am sharing them with you. Hope you have a relaxing summer, planning of course.

#1 Sticky Notes

Love this staple because it allows me to get an idea on paper and move it around. It’s the pre-internet cut and paste function. I love it. I’m a big time sticky note snob so I usually only use Post it Notes brand. The stick is always perfect, the notes don’t tear when I peel them off and the stick can last years! I still have post it notes in pages of books that I have read only a couple of years ago. I was so glad to see them come out with new shapes and sizes. The black ones have been a big hit as well. Totally love the variety and I always have some on hand.

#2 A Kick Ass Pen

So this is as basic as it gets. You need a writing utensil of some kind. There a dozens of fantastic pens out there. Japan is the ultimate candy store for pens. New ones, fun designs and stellar performance. Once you figure out your holy grail it stays with you forever. The pen that has never failed me? The Pilot G2. Yes my dear, this is a kick ass pen. I get my hands on them whenever I can. Smooth gel ink and it never skips, even once you get down to a low amount of ink. I think this was the first pen I ever wrote with until all of the ink ran out! I have been using it since High School and I gotta tell you that was a long time ago.   

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#3 A Notebook

No matter what planner system you have I think you should have a notebook for the year handy. Keep randomness in it and keep it by your side. It can serve as a pre-planner as well as a daily jotter. If you carry a purse you can get one to keep in there. This really comes in handy when your planner starts to get heavy and you prefer to leave it home. Quite a few of us don’t take our planners out and the notebook is an excellent compliment to your planner system.

#4 Paper Clips

So much of organizing is compartmentalizing. Keeping certain bits of information together and building on certain thoughts while keeping them in their own space. Paperclips help me do this on paper. Instead of flipping through pages of months past I tend to paperclip the past months to the front of the divider. I go directly to the current month just by flipping the tab. I also like to keep external receipts and documents I need on hand to the back pages of my planner. Where a stapler could become a pain to take out and damage your pages a paperclip will do.

#5 A marker of any kind

This one can be left to preference. I think using something to mark important tasks and important dates is necessary. I love using stickers and for some it’s a luxury. Tried and true since school days, nothing does the trick like a good highlighter. It’s also productive to use colored pens and colored pencils. Anything that identifies and sets apart regular information is your goal. Planners like Antonisha Plans has a very efficient method of color coding. I suggest you check out her YouTube channel.  

Hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment with your must haves.

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