Planner Addict: Plannergasm

Planner Addict: Kisha

Instagram Handle: @plannergasm

We all love our planners. I currently have about 10. Because I make planners that alone affords me an endless supply. Today I want to share with you someone from the community that is not just a collector, but…..a planner addict.

planner addict

I came across Kisha’s pictures on Instagram a few months ago. Nothing but sheer delight! The one thing that stood out about her photos was that she owned planner families. You know, when a planner is offered in a particular style with various colors and sizes. I don’t know too many people who do this, so I was curious about if there is a method to her madness.

kikki k collection

PSD: You are one of the few people I see on IG that buys every size of a particular planner style. I think it is very cool. Do you use all of the sizes?

Kisha: Honestly, I don’t anymore, lol. I used to but it became a bit tedious for me to maintain three different planners. I used my large for home, personal for appointments and on the go, and the small was used as a wallet. Now I have stuffed everything into my personal size planner to eliminate the other two.

planner collection

PSD: How long did it take you to collect all of your planners? How many do you have?

Kisha:  Don’t laugh, but it took about 7 months to collect.. Oh dear, let me walk over to my bookshelf and count Lol…. I see 58. I had more but I am in the process of downsizing because I have finally found planner peace in a personal sized Filofax Finchley.  

“I don’t want people going out spending ridiculous amounts of money trying to buy what I showed in a video.”

pretty desk

When you see such beautiful photos you have to wonder, do people just buy these things to show? To hoard? I have taken it up as a functional hobby. Anybody could plan in a regular notebook, but the planner community makes it fun. Just head over to YouTube and you will see an abundance of eye candy.

PSD: Do you have a YouTube Channel?

Kisha: I do have a YouTube channel but I have never done an official youtube planner video. I have a tendency to curse a lot, I wouldn’t want to worry about young girls watching my videos and being subjected to my potty mouth, lol. I also don’t want people going out spending ridiculous amounts of money trying to buy what I showed in a video. I believe everyone should find their own style and be comfortable with it.

Kisha leaves us with some planner inspiration and some gentle words for newbies.

Kisha: To anyone out there that finds planning is too much, just be patient and get comfortable. Don’t try to do everything you see others do. We find ourselves wanting our planners to look similar to something cute we saw in a photo or video that we don’t take the time to put our own creativity into it. Do what works best for you. Don’t try to be like the girl on Instagram or YouTube or Facebook. Take your time and enjoy it to the best of YOUR ability. You don’t have to decorate to post beautiful layouts for others to see. Your main goal is to plan. Anything else is just an added bonus.

You can find Kisha in these places and shop with her on Etsy 

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I also do custom requests. I actually prefer the customs and working with customers to get them stickers they’d like customized personally for themselves.


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  1. I love looking at Kisha’s Instgram and I love how she buys all the matching planners. Thank you for sharing!! And you gave some of the best advice to newbies or people trying to find their way in pretty planning.

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