Making a List and Checking it Twice!


Christmas in July is just about over. A few shops have listed some adorable Christmas

planners and stickers.

If you are not into the Christmas in July thing, perhaps you still enjoy making lists. When this popped up in one of my groups I thought it was pure genius!


This roller stamp from American Crafts Studio Calico is so practical! I see this in the hands of bullet journalers as list makers.

The stamp features a row of 6 icons that can be mixed and matched. You also have the option of stamping all 6 icons at once or turning to a blank space that allows you to stamp in 5 or less spaces at a time.

planner stamp

How fun would it be to have this in your stamp collection! You know how it usually goes when you are planning. You are in the zone; surrounded by stickers, pens, stamps and stencils. This is one of those things that allows you to focus on one type of supply as opposed to switching around your techniques. 

This is a pretty efficient way of getting your thoughts onto paper.

What lists are you making and what is your favorite listing tool?


-Tara K.




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