Lameka’s Living Dolls

Owner: Lameka Alston

Obsession: Custom Planner Dolls

Shop: Pink Bow Ties

pink bow ties stickers jadeNow more than ever we are living in a visual world. It’s all about pictures and live streaming. For planner girls, it’s all about stickers!

Planner stickers may very well be the lifeblood of the planner business. The explosion of sticker shops on Etsy is undeniable. You can scroll for pages and find a sticker for just about everything.

Now, thanks to Lameka Alston and her design team over at Pink Bow Ties, you can also find a high quality glossy sticker of yourself.

pink bow ties stickers angela

I consider Lameka an innovator in the sticker business, so when she gave me a few minutes of her time for a cyber interview, I jumped at the chance. Lameka’s dolls are giving life to the planner sticker game.

PSD: Do you know of anyone else making stickers the same way you do, portraying different ethnicities, body types and spiritual practices?

Lameka: At the moment, I do not. I am sure someone will decide to do it soon as it is more popular.

Oh, but I have noticed many jumping on the bandwagon! It think it is pretty awesome that other shops recognize Lameka’s success as something to emulate.

pink bow ties stickers asiyah

“I have friends of all races, so that is the reason why I design them for different types. I never want to leave my friends out.”

pink bow ties stickers pascha

The planner community is still relatively small, but hugely diverse. I currently follow planner accounts in Japanese, German, Spanish, English and Italian. I just shipped to my giveaway winner in South Africa.

When I first noticed the Pink Bow Ties brand, the stickers were modeled after Lameka’s friends. Since the time of this cyber interview, Pink Bow Ties has begun offering custom dolls where you can get one made from your personal photograph. There is currently a waiting bow ties stickers amber

The Pink Bow Ties brand has been well received by the planner community.

PSD: What makes you feel good about the planner community?

Lameka: The fact that someone loves pens just like me or gets excited about pretty notebooks. I also love that someone likes my products and wants them on their planner pages.

*Pink Bow Ties offers digital images and clear stamps in addition to the dolls. Lameka hopes to expand the brand soon to include tee shirts as well.

*EDIT: Congratulations to Lameka on her launch at Michaels, December 2019! 

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13 thoughts on “Lameka’s Living Dolls

  1. It’s way past due and glad to see a woman of color recognizing, stepping up to the plate, and taking the gauntlet to create for this diverse community. Many blessings and much success to Lameka.

  2. I do a lot of card making, so when I discovered Pink Bow Ties, I was over the moon. I had been searching for stamps in my own image and there were very few to be found. Lameka captured the essence of how real women look. All shapes, sizes, and hues. I agree, the customer service is second to none. I am so happy to see her get her just do. Congratulations Lameka, you deserve it!! May blessings continue to come your way.

  3. Love the interview. I’m so glad that Lameka has brought awareness to differences in planning styles. PinkBowTies has giving me a reason to want to seat weekly and get more excited about planning. thank you for this great interview from a great business owner.

  4. I am a customer service and quality oriented buyer. I will not buy anything just because it is the growing fad or it says craft…Most impressive to this company Pink Bow Ties is just that. The ordering process gives you immediate response and questions give a prompt reply. The packaging is outstanding and promotes professionalism. More importantly you get the quality with any of her products. It is dynamic to see the growth of this company and I am enthusiastically awaiting what is on the horizon. Blessings abound…..BBlessed

  5. Pink Bow Ties is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. I am a loyal, repeat customer and I am always lurking to see what new dolls she is putting out. When I found her on IG, I wanted to order up everything lol. Thanks Lameka for being the first to have ladies that look like me for my planner 😍😍😍

  6. Love love love Pink Bowtie stickers! Great quality, well priced and I definitely see myself in the stickers.

    The quick shipping is a bonus too!

  7. I’m super excited for my sister and her business Pink Bow Ties!!! can always count on me as your #1 fan!!!.. Your creative style has inspired me and open me up to the sticker side.. Your diversity and creativity is one of a kind boo… Shine bright like a diamond!!

  8. Lameka is an innovator! She has filled a space with something that is lacking in the industry. Diversity that represent real women of today. When you order a product from Pink Bow Ties you can expect it to be shipped quickly in cute wrapping!

  9. I have many Pink Bow Ties products! I appreciate that I can go to a site and find stickers that look like people I come in contact with everyday. People of all shapes, sizes, shades and sassy! I recently received my custom doll and loved it soooooo much that I am on the waiting list for my next one! Lameka’s customer service and shipping is stellar! I ALWAYS receive my orders within 2 business days! Pink Bow Ties stickers and stamps make my planner look fun and sassy!

  10. I have been a Pink Bow Ties customer since the beginning and can say that the diversity and uniqueness of products in addition to exceptional customer service are the primary reasons why I’ll be a lifelong supporter of Lameka’s business! I’m so excited to see what’s next for Pink Bow Ties!

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