Free November Calendar Personal Planner

Happy November! Please enjoy this free November Calendar for your personal planner. This calendar is a pdf that prints out on 8.5 X11(letter) paper.

Free November Calendar
Free November Calendar

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It is so unreal that there are only two months left in this year. How do you feel about what you have done this year or will finish? Have you made new goals for the next year’s start? So many life questions, but all I want to do is eat pie. Haha!

Some of you ladies, well 90% of my readers anyway….ladies have seen me in groups and on Instagram. I usually have something positive and upbeat to say. I love to laugh and make jokes and even memes. I am so lucky to have found you all. The planner world is a kind one most times. I am seeing a lot of good. People are learning, growing and healing from these relationships. With all the good, there are those not so pleasant moments. Times when things don’t go as planned and times when you just wish things were different.

All year I was very home sick for the big city life in America. Japan is awesome, hello…STATIONERY, but I still missed NY. I want to thank all of you out there who have taken a few minutes to give me a like or a comment on my social media. Just knowing that someone else is there working on their goals fills my heart. My goal this year was to earn more so that I could feel comfortable about going home for the holidays. After many nights of babies crying and working hard I feel good about my work. If you have not visited my Etsy shop, there is a link on the home page.

Next year I want to give more to my business, back to the planner community and of course, give to my family. We are moving back into the big family home and out of the apartment which means my own office/craft room. We still have lots of renovations and I hope to share them in the new Facebook group Wild at Home. You should totally join. OMG! The homes and the helpful tips are really awesome.

In November I would like for you all to ask yourselves some questions.

Make some larger than life plans.

Calendars are just numbers without some plans!

Be Well,

Tara K.

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