Etsy Sticker Shop Spotlight: The Queen Pea

Sticker Shop: The Queen Pea

Obsession: P.E.A.S.

Etsy Sticker Shop Owner: Cindy Arce

What happens when you put a Yorkie, peas and planners together with a pinch of sugar and a dash of spice? You get one of the best Etsy sticker shops in the community. Today we’re having a chat with the Queen Pea herself, Cindy Arce.

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In a saturated market space Cindy’s brand just pops! The puns are catchy cute and spot on. I had to find out how Cindy was able to come up with such a resolute concept that is so stinkin’ cute.

“Hi Tara! There are a series of things that motivated my brand. First and foremost, I love Beyonce aka The Queen Bee.  I jokingly called my cousin Priscila, The Queen P. Also, my initial Etsy shop was called The Easy Peasy Planner and I used three peas in the logo.  Eventually my brand evolved and so did my need for a better logo. Mix all of that together with a pinch of sugar and a dash of spice and you get, The Queen Pea!”

Even with a fantastic concept it’s not easy to run a sticker shop. I asked Cindy what roles she fulfills as an Etsy sticker shop owner.

“A shop owner is her own Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Marketing Team, Brand Representative, Social Media Department, Inventory Production, Customer Service Representative, Order Fulfillment and Shipping Department.   We have to do it all by ourselves unless we are big enough to hire staff. It is a challenge running a shop, period. Every minute invested in building your brand and supporting your shop is a minute away from doing things for yourself and your family.The more dedicated time you spend on your shop the more successful you are.”

weekly spread
P.E.A.S= Plan Everything And Succeed

Successful she is! CIndy is now in the process of becoming a Michaels Vendor!  *insert head exploding here* In so many ways Cindy is goals. She details how she was chosen during a competition at the Go Wild Conference this year.

“While attending the conference this year, the Go Wild team worked with Michaels to give attendees an opportunity to pitch their ideas in the Michaels MAKE Room promotion.  I believe 13 attendees were selected. When people ask me about it, I sort of explain it as a Michaels Shark Tank! I was surprised, excited and nervous to be part of the group selected.   I was one small shop among many very successful planner shop owners. We were all nervous. I asked Meka (@yespleaseplanning) to give us some words of encouragement, since she just spoke in front of 1300 people!  She nailed it! I am so thankful for her taking time to inspire us before our presentations.”

“I walked into the Michaels pitch rocking my crown and Go Wild T-shirt.  This turned my level of nervousness wayyyyy up! We all presented and conquered our fears together.  I won’t forget that as one of our biggest achievements as shop owners. It is intimidating to stand in front of an audience of your peers and a panel of executives.   To deliver your pitch and then answer questions on the fly.”

“Michaels recently contacted me via email to say they were interested in working with me to get my product in their stores.   And I am thrilled! I hope that what I have in store will make all of my friends, family and fellow planners proud. My heart is behind this project and it is probably my proudest career accomplishment.  Which makes me super nervous but I pray A LOT! And God’s grace and favor never fails.”  

But Cindy doesn’t really do it all alone, she has a fierce security manager.

louis vuitton set

“Georgia manages the Canine Security Team for The Queen Pea.   She alerts me of any intruders getting too close to the sticker supply!   You have been warned! I am a total dog mom. She has a younger big brother, Nemesis, he outweighs her by about 75 lbs but like I said, she is the boss.”

All work and no play makes Cindy a dull girl. She has other interests outside of planning. The Queen Pea loves to travel, go to concerts and loves cooking for friends and family! She’s also taking on the ultimate planner girl challenge. A wedding! A big congratulations to Cindy and her groom.

wedding stickers

“I enjoy event planning, but this wedding is a new challenge!  I might be in over my head! I might have to rethink the whole idea of hiring a wedding planner!”

the queen pea logo

With all of this going on you wonder how she finds the time to socialize. I feel like I see Cindy at every planner event. Am I wrong?

“What can I say?  I love socializing!   I can’t really say how many meetups, but I have attended some really great events such as the: Go Wild Conference, BWWPC Conference, SugaryGalShop Planner Events, NYPAS Planner Events and more recently the Define & Flourish Planner Event.” 

If you’re unable to meet Cindy at a planner event you can visit her here on all of her social media channels and shop with her as well.




Michael’s: COMING SOON

the queen pea

She’s got some special announcements.

Well, here is the exclusive for your readers. This May I am introducing my new Pea R. Team!!!!   I am really excited!!! Keep an eye out for them and for their Pea R. discount codes!

And! Something for PS&D Readers!

Please use the code:  TarasPeas for 30% off all orders of $15

Thank you for reading and come back to Planning Stationery & Desk for more interviews and product reviews.

-Tara Kamiya

“Playing with Paper”

4 thoughts on “Etsy Sticker Shop Spotlight: The Queen Pea

  1. I have gotten to know this Queen Pea in the past year or so and she is the sweetest Planner I have met yet. She is very kind and I support her and her Peas. Wishing her, her
    and her PR Girls the best for her journey through Michaels.
    I can’t wait to see what is in store.

    Love you Cindy and Tara

  2. I love it!! Cindy is one of my favorite planner PEAple. She’s genuine, kind, and like you said PLANNER GOALS!!

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