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Fairly new and on trend for the summer are clear planners. You may have seen a few here and there on Instagram but more collectors are getting their hands on these binders daily.

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I first noticed this trend emerge early Spring. At that time the weather was still cold. Few were really inspired to get into the trend. Now as the weather warms up, I see my feed flooded with these binders. I have seen them primarily in 3 sizes. Pocket, A6 and A5. Sizes vary depending on where you purchase them from. You can get yours in your size of choice here.

What’s appealing to me is how beautiful all of the art looks in these binders

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You can easily change up the look of your planner just by switching dashboards. A few people have even taken to adding pearls, grommets and rhinestones. I love the versatility.

Another reason collectors are going wild for these is the price point. Even if you’ve decided to try every size offered, you would not spend as much as 1 leather planner. This trend of clear planners is perfect for people who would like to try a different size but are not ready to make a huge commitment by purchasing a high end binder. If you are into rings this is going to be your jam all summer.


Planner Shop Goldmine & Coco did a live planner set up of the clear planner they offered in their anniversary box. You can check it out below.

When setting up your clear planner you can keep it cost efficient by using printables. Printables give you the option of choosing different layouts and insert combinations. You also save on shipping by printing only what you need in the comfort of your home. After adding your basics, coloring pages and printable vellum are beautiful and fun additions.

Some of my favorite printable shops in the planner community are:

Paper Shae

Annie Plans Printables


Print Play Slay

Peanuts Planner Co

Naomi Love Designs

MJ and Hope

Disc planner systems were introduced into the community fairly recently. I have yet to see any clear planners with discs so I will have to keep an eye out. Most of us are coming from the largely binary rings or strings planning systems. I have seen clear TNs and they are gorgeous! Take a look at these beauties. If you have unicorn blood coursing through your veins like many of us do you are going to Instagram to follow right now.

clear planner
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A variation of this trend is the translucent planners. You may see frosted or iridescent planners. These are just as gorgeous and fun. Look how amazing these planners from Glitzy Trooper are!

clear planners glitzytrooper
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Collecting does not have to be part of your planning experience but it’s certainly fun. I am in the process of setting up my clear planner in A6 size. If you’d like to see it be sure to follow me on YouTube. I’ll also show you some of my Japanese stationery collection and how I set up my desk this summer.

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Tara K.

“Playing with Paper”

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