Blue Lemon Paper Traveler’s Notebook Inserts

Owner: Kelly

Instagram Handle @bluelemonpaper

One thing that I love about the plannerverse is all of the nooks and crannies. Amongst a plethora of Etsy shops and Facebook groups, I found Blue Lemon Paper Traveler’s Notebook Inserts. Kelly’s inserts are something different from what you usually see, so I was drawn to her shop. I asked Kelly a few questions about her background and her inserts.


blue lemon paper travelers notebook inserts

“BLUE – My favorite color that always gives me peace and exudes warmth.  It represents blue skies and new beginnings. 

LEMON – It represents the color of the sun and the blessings of a new day and fresh start.

PAPER – Of course, paper is connected to my love of all things stationery.”

PSD: When I found your shop I wanted to interview you immediately. You don’t offer the standard inserts, when did you start making and selling them?

BLP: I started making inserts shortly after purchasing my first traveler’s notebook. Selling inserts was definitely not my intention, but a co-worker saw one of my notebooks and purchased it on the spot! I considered it an isolated incident until the same thing happened the next day which led to an invitation to sell my inserts at a local event. After a fairly successful first showing, I decided to give it a go on Etsy.


blue lemon paper owner


PSD: How long have you been planning?

BLP: A missed homework assignment in 6th or 7th grade converted me into a life long planner. I will never forget the trip to Wally World and selecting my first assignment book – an iridescent blue, Mead notebook. Planning is just a way of life for me.


I am very passionate about customer service and have a long history in the hospitality industry. I wanted to hear what Kelly had to say about this very important aspect of doing business online.

PSD: How do you offer the best customer service to your customers?

BLP: My customer service is rooted in expeditious and open communication with my customers. I want to be as accessible as I possibly can to answer questions or receive any feedback offered to me. As my shop grows, I hope to offer more giveaways and opportunities to show appreciation to my customers and their support. Ultimately, I hope to offer designs that help my customers have healthier and more balanced lives.


color mandalas


Kelly is definitely a dynamic personality and has an interesting full time profession.

“I am not an artist, however, art has played a profound role in my life from an early age. My mother first introduced me to the world of art and its varied forms – poetry, theatre, origami, oil pastels, etc. By trade, I am a linguist and work in the translation and interpretation field, yet my passion for art continuously seeps into every aspect of my life from food to planning. Although, I am a professional polyglot, I dream of working for Blue Lemon Paper full-time.”

lotus flower insert


PSD:What inspires you to use paper when we are in such a digital world?

BLP:Nothing compares to paper! The act of writing or drawing my thoughts and ideas is authenticity in its purest form. No auto-correct, filters, or backspace – just you and a blank canvas of paper. As advanced as smartphones and tablets may be, they still cannot watercolor, washi, or gesso my pages. The moment, I pick up my medium of choice, I am energized and connected on a supernatural level to a creative process that my digital possessions simply cannot offer. (Yup, I said supernatural lol) Written words are fuel for converting our dreams to reality!

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