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When it comes to stationery addicts we all have “our thing”. Some of us can’t pass by a stack of notebooks without purchasing. Others have never met a planner they didn’t like. I love my 120 gsm paper dearly, but one thing we all must have is writing utensils! If you’re a pen addict, you are going to love these three large capacity pencil holders. Let’s take a look at the best pencil cases in terms of large capacity.

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Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case

super pen and pencil holders

These are all over Instagram! This pencil case boasts a 100 pen capacity in a nylon rectangle with a durable zipper. The attractive shape and reputation of the brand are enough to qualify its practicality…even at the price point it commands. The most attractive feature for planner addicts is the insane selection of over 30 colors and prints. See for yourself, the Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case is offered on Amazon.

This next baby is the mother load…


The Newcomdigi 72 inserting Super Large

 Capacity Multilayer Students Pencil Case

Newcomdigi Pencase

My head literally popped off as I clicked add to cart. This is definitely a super pen and pencil holder. Once again, aided and abetted by Amazon. Newcomdigi pen case offers their products on the site as well. A four compartment pen suitcase, if you will…a must have for anyone with severe organizational needs. Each utensil is visible and separated, courtesy of elastic bands which hold your writing utensils in place individually. The pull tabs for the zipper are adorable and even without a vast color selection, this is a must have. I have never seen anything like it. Black, pink and purple. That covers most of us.

Large Pen Case

Moving to the desk top, newly restocked in Target stores across America.


The Threshold Ceramic Cup Pencil Holder Trinket Dish Girl

target pencil cup

This cup is all over Instagram as well. It is available in stores or online. I was tempted. Even way over here in Japan. Target has been offering international shipping since last year. It’s not the cheapest, but it is still possible to obtain those must have items.

What qualifies this little lady as a super pen and pencil holder is the capacity. She looks slim, but the cup can easily hold 20 pencils or a medium sized collection of Pengems. I have counted about 15 or more just from photos I have seen. What is your must have pen or pencil holder that you are loving.

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4 thoughts on “Best Pencil Cases

  1. My current favorite pen cups are these small ceramic pot holders from Michaels that are white and kinda dainty looking. They are wide mouthed and not so narrow at the bottom so they can hold a lot of pens. That is part of the reason why I haven’t bought that pen cup at Target. The ones I use can hold about 30 pens, I think.

    Funny you posted that Kipling 100 pen case as I have one in that same color!

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