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Do you have a good friend who always inspires you? A confidant? A ride or die, true blue friend? If you do, I imagine your bestie to be much like Tiare Smith. This woman is a rock star! When I came across her art I had to get her in my cyber seat for a chat. Today Tiare shares her art and gives us some inspiring wisdom and tells us more about fearless art journaling.

“…find what speaks to your heart and allows you to express and experience peaceful moments.”

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PSD: As I browse the Internet I can see that people love your work, how does that make you feel?

TSD: Humble. Grateful. Thankful. Loved. Excited. Honored. Happy. JOYful. 

PSD: When did you decide to start selling your work? Was there a point when you felt you were “good enough” to enter the marketplace?  
TSM: Gosh!  I have sold art for a long time.  I believe I sold my first pieces of art around 1990, when I used to make greeting cards and mixed media art. I think I must’ve always thought I was good enough.  LOL!  I was young, when I sold my first art.  Looking at it then and knowing what I know now, I surely was brave. 

Tiare shared so many gems with me in this interview that I am very hesitant to insert any of my commentary as I usually do. Tiare is a thoughtful woman and her well thought out responses need little framing.

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PSD: You inspire so many people with your art, what inspires you?
TSD: So many things inspire me.  Every day life inspires me.  There are so many beautiful people, places and things.  You can find inspiration all around you, if you just take a moment to look, to see.  It is there in your home, in your heart, in your yard, in your closet, at the store, at your job, at the park, on the road, etc.  However, one constant that inspires me is my beautiful village of African American Women from my mom, to my “other mom’s,” teachers, friends, ancestors…they inform my art and my heart each day. 

“Be authentic.  Follow your heart.  There is enough for us all.”

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PSD: With everything becoming so digital, the nature of art and how it is distributed has changed so much. What do you think artists should do to stay current?

TSD: Be authentic.  Follow your heart.  There is enough for us all.  There are many avenues that have opened up for artists that were not available before.  It is easier than ever today to offer prints and accessories on demand.  Therefore, you can sell your art in a variety of ways and earn extra income or make a living. 

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PSD: Art is an excellent form of therapy. Do you have some words of encouragement for someone who may need healing, possibly through art?

TSD: Art comes from within.  You can express yourself through your pen or your paintbrush. Just start in the privacy of your own moments.  Just play and see what comes forth.  Art can be very healing and provide very peaceful moments.  Remember, art comes in many forms.  Some paint, some write, some draw, some color, some make music, some dance etc.  Your job is to find what speaks to your heart and allows you to express and experience peaceful moments.  So try many things and just play without judgement or comparison.

“Do what you love. Embrace YOUR inner artist.  Don’t compare your art or your heart to others.  We are all on our own unique journey.  Instead, learn, grow, have fun and simply enJOY the process.”

Tiare Smith hosts several creative events per year. She also teaches classes in her studio and online workshops.

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